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January 2015 in Iphone photos – skating, food, shows…


First, a nice welcome back to Colorado after my trip to Rhode Island, where it was 50 degrees and sunny when I left!

IMG_0524_resized IMG_0525_resized


But cold weather and snow is a perfect excuse for pho! And Jack is always down…

IMG_0531_resized IMG_0533_resized


And it got colder…



The cats and a squirrel…IMG_0540_resized



A “working from home, post-yoga” breakfast…




There was a LOT of indoor skating in January. A trip to the Sol ramp with Glen…

IMG_0549_resized IMG_0550_resized



Jack took me out to Dugabi and paella was in order!IMG_0564_resized



Another indoor session – this time at the Launch ramp in Ft. Collins with Glen and Bernie…IMG_0567_resized


A lunch data at my place with Jenn….IMG_0582_resized IMG_0584_resized IMG_0585_resized



Some construction on campus…IMG_0589_resized IMG_0591_resized



Laundry selfie…IMG_0600_resized



I found Jenni and Marg in a Westword!IMG_0605_resized


Chip, Molly and I went out to a “New England style” Greek Pizza place. We just had to move away from New England to know that was a “style” of pizza.IMG_0615_resized IMG_0618_resized







And another indoor session – rampy with Glen and Jack. This also was Jack’s first skate session after breaking his leg back in the end of September or early October (can’t remember exactly).IMG_0646_resized IMG_0668_resized IMG_0671_resized


Random snowy parking lot shot…IMG_0694_resized




Experimental rainbow chard and brussel sprouts with a “balsamic reduction”…IMG_0710_resized


More pho!IMG_0718_resized IMG_0720_resized IMG_0721_resized IMG_0722_resized IMG_0724_resized


The best part of going to 6 AM yoga in the winter… beautiful sunrise at the end of class…IMG_0732_resized


It finally warmed up and dried up enough to get a session on Darin’s ramp….IMG_0738_resized IMG_0740_resized IMG_0742_resized Chelsea and Irina…IMG_0746_resized IMG_0756_resized IMG_0758_resized IMG_0761_resized IMG_0762_resized IMG_0764_resized And dinner after…IMG_0774_resized IMG_0777_resized


Jack! Before coming out with the Crisis team one Sunday…IMG_0784_resized Fuzz…IMG_0786_resized IMG_0789_resized James…IMG_0794_resized IMG_0804_resized IMG_0807_resized Matthew…IMG_0812_resized IMG_0813_resized IMG_0826_resized



And I got a session with Lazer…IMG_0839_resized


Jack and I went to “Black Metal Warfare”IMG_0847_resized IMG_0852_resized IMG_0855_resized IMG_0859_resized IMG_0862_resized IMG_0863_resized IMG_0867_resized IMG_0875_resized IMG_0878_resized IMG_0883_resized



A view from my apartment…IMG_0902_resized


Driving home from skating the Sol ramp with Glen…IMG_0938_resized


Spicy noodle soup at Chez Thuy!


And our first trip to Zoe Ma Ma…IMG_1006_resized IMG_1007_resized IMG_1010_resized


Bowl Troll’s bday party with McRad, Hightower and Frontside Five was amazing…IMG_1041_resized IMG_1043_resized IMG_1047_resized IMG_1058_resized IMG_1061_resized


More snow, in the middle of the night…IMG_1067_resized


Confessions of a hungry hungry hippo…IMG_1077_resized