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Costa Rica! 2015 trip, Part 1

Back in the first week of February, I took a trip to Playa Guiones in Nosara, Costa Rica and stayed at the Sugar Shack Surf Camp with Meagan, Sara, Jordan, and the Bills. Such an awesome trip… Costa Rica is amazing. It was my second time there, 10 years after my first trip.

These photos are all taken with my Nikon camera, which I didn’t take around that much during the trip. Most of my photos I took with my Iphone, which will be in the next post.

Starting from day 1, the view from the Sugar Shack…DSC_0001_resized


The next group of photos are taken by Meagan – she took photos while I went surfing with the Bills, my first time surfing in probably almost 10 years. This time out was a little rough (trying to remember what I was doing), but by the last time I went surfing on this trip, I felt a lot better. But, only pictures from this session, when I was just trying to catch the dinky “reform” (pretty much white water) waves…DSC_0005_edit_resized DSC_0006_resized DSC_0010_edit_resized DSC_0011_resized DSC_0012_resized DSC_0013_resized DSC_0014_resized DSC_0015_resized DSC_0020_resized DSC_0027_resized DSC_0032_resized DSC_0034_resized DSC_0038_resized DSC_0039_resized DSC_0040_resized

Best gravestone…DSC_0041_resized DSC_0042_resized

The monkey house…DSC_0043_resized

A few days later, in town with Megan, Sara and Bill, waiting for the other Bill at the bank…DSC_0046_resized

And then the day we walked to the beach north of Playa Guiones…DSC_0053_resized DSC_0057_resized DSC_0071_edit_resized DSC_0075_resized DSC_0079_resized DSC_0104_resized DSC_0106_resized DSC_0116_resized DSC_0119_resized DSC_0127_resized DSC_0132_resized DSC_0134_resized DSC_0138_resized DSC_0140_resized DSC_0144_resized DSC_0149_resized DSC_0151_resized DSC_0155_resized DSC_0156_resized DSC_0159_resized DSC_0161_resized DSC_0164_resized DSC_0173_resized DSC_0177_resized DSC_0178_resized DSC_0180_resized DSC_0184_resized DSC_0186_resized DSC_0189_resized DSC_0192_resized DSC_0195_resized DSC_0197_resized DSC_0203_resized DSC_0205_resized DSC_0206_resized DSC_0209_resized DSC_0210_resized DSC_0211_resized DSC_0212_resized DSC_0213_resized DSC_0217_resized DSC_0218_resized DSC_0220_resized DSC_0221_resized DSC_0222_resized DSC_0223_resized DSC_0225_resized DSC_0226_resized DSC_0231_resized DSC_0237_resized DSC_0239_resized DSC_0244_resized DSC_0247resized DSC_0250_resized DSC_0251_resized DSC_0253_resized DSC_0254_resized DSC_0256_resized DSC_0258_resized DSC_0261_resized DSC_0263_resized DSC_0271_resized DSC_0274_resized DSC_0276_resized DSC_0278_resized

Bill and the girl who sold jewelry by the beach every day…DSC_0279_resized DSC_0280_resized DSC_0281_resized DSC_0285_resized DSC_0286_resized DSC_0289_resized DSC_0291_resized DSC_0293_resized DSC_0296_resized DSC_0304_resized DSC_0306_resized DSC_0309_resized

Our last sunset of the trip…
DSC_0313_resized DSC_0314_resized DSC_0319_resized DSC_0320_resized DSC_0326_resized DSC_0332_resized DSC_0335_resized DSC_0336_resized DSC_0338_resized DSC_0343_resized DSC_0350_resized DSC_0354_resized DSC_0358_resized DSC_0359_resized DSC_0362_resized DSC_0367_resized DSC_0370_resized DSC_0373_resized DSC_0375_resized DSC_0387_resized DSC_0395_resized DSC_0399_resized DSC_0407_resized

The next morning, I woke up early and walked down to the beach to take some photos…DSC_0411_resized DSC_0414_resized DSC_0415_resized DSC_0430_resized DSC_0432_resized DSC_0448_resized DSC_0459_resized DSC_0465_resized DSC_0471_resizedDSC_0484_resizedDSC_0496_resizedDSC_0500_resizedDSC_0522_resizedDSC_0551_resizedDSC_0580_resizedDSC_0581_resizedDSC_0592_resizedDSC_0593_resizedDSC_0598_resizedDSC_0601_resizedDSC_0605_resizedDSC_0606_resizedDSC_0612_resizedDSC_0616_resized


And finally, it was time to pack up and catch our cab ride back to the Liberia airport and head back home. So sad to leave such a beautiful, wonderful place. And leaving the ocean behind once again…

Thank you so, so much to everyone.