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Just Checking In.

Last summer I think I wrote 2 posts during the entire months of July and August. This summer I’m headed in the same direction. Just the feel of summer makes me actually want to just live life and not bother to recount the daily adventures. So just a quick summary of the past week…

-Training for all the new GK-12 TEAMS fellows and me too. I worked over 20 hours (what I’m paid to work each week) just in the first 2 days. I didn’t make it into the lab until Thursday evening, so slacking a little there. Tomorrow’s the first day of our first summer camp and another starts on Tuesday. Then in a week I’ll be out in Grand Juction running a week long camp there. A few crazy work weeks yet to come.

-I made it back out to Brighton with Glen and John. This time there wasn’t a crazy thunder and lightning storm and we skated until the lights turned off… then for another hour in the parking lot until the softball field lights turned off. The kids there were cool and the park wasn’t badly crowded at all. I got to reconnect with my new favorite bump to bar, getting some smooth noseslides and a board slide, but I still have unfinished business in terms of the 180 nosegrind. A few grinded the whole way across the bar, but no luck in landing. I did finally session the euro and got popshuv, kickflip, heelflip, front shuv, and ollie in. John made me day by telling me this one kid there pulled out my favorite line… “she’s good for a girl”. Grrrr.

-I went to the Black Keys!!! Glen called me randomly and said he wasn’t going to make it. So instead, I took his ticket and went with Liz. She had told me the Fillmore was the worst venue and I didn’t understand until we heard they were selling tall can PBRs for $9. Ouch. The Black Keys killed it though (obviously) and since we managed not to pass out in the bazillion degree heat surrounded by a gazillion people, I think it was a success.

-On Friday night I made it back to Contra dancing. So much fun… except when people don’t swing me the way I like it… then I get bored and wish that I could sneak away. After I checked out my roommate’s uncle’s band playing at lazy dog… and celebrated Keith’s birthday, hitting the Pub, Round Midnight, and the Attic.

-Saturday, Saturday! Breakfast at the Buff, then off to a skate jam at the Loveland park with Glen, Fuzz, Neil and Jason. At one point we had a scare and ended up hanging out in front of a hospital’s urgent care for a little while, “just incase”. I’m sure that it would’ve gone over great if we needed help since half the crew was drinking beer and smoking cigarettes right outside of this hospital. Then, back to the park. Ooh and I did my first handrail that wasn’t a handrail… just a park rail down a 3-stair. So little, round, and lots of fun. We skated the school across the street and then met up with Brian and his visiting guests Lee and Nick for dinner at Efrains in Longmont. It was a perfect summer night and after dinner, we hung out outside Brian’s garage shooting the shit and drinking the worst beer ever. Good times.

-Lazy Sunday. Did a little lawn mowing and rode my bike to the grocery store. I could barely fit all my groceries in my backpack and could barely ride up the hills on the way home with so much weight on my back, but somehome I survived. Once home I went into a cooking frenzy and made some pasta salad (farfalle pasta with sauteed onion, garlic, red and yellow bell peppers, summer squash, and mushrooms and with grape tomatoes, fresh mozzarela and basil), a spinach salad, and succatash. There was a barbeque at Brian and Maria’s, and I was running late as always. But turns out I wasn’t running the latest…Apparently Brian, Lee and Nick managed to get struck by lightning while riding motorcycles on some high mountain trail and showed up to the barbeque a few hours late… luckily safe and sound.

-Now ready for sleep and for starting some summer camps…

(sorry no photos. I’m lazy.)