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San Diego in October for Meagan and Tom’s Wedding

A few photos from the flight from Denver…
IMG_7308_resized IMG_7317_resized IMG_7319_resized IMG_7335_resized IMG_7343_resized

Family ultrasoundIMG_7400_resized


Final dress fitting…IMG_7418_resizedDSC_0249_resized DSC_0252_resized DSC_0256_resized DSC_0259_resized DSC_0267_resized DSC_0273_resized DSC_0280_resizedIMG_7425_resized IMG_7426_resized

Back to the beach…IMG_7434_resized IMG_7440_resized IMG_7449_resized IMG_7456_resized IMG_7458_resized IMG_7463_resized IMG_7468_resized IMG_7474_resized IMG_7475_resized IMG_7485_resized IMG_7490_resized IMG_7492_resized IMG_7497_resized

And drinks with the crew!IMG_7505_resized IMG_7509_resized

Starting off the next morning with a walking adventure…DSC_0281_resized

Breakfast…IMG_7512_resized IMG_7517_resized IMG_7520_resized IMG_7524_resized


After beach time, time for drinks…IMG_7534_resized IMG_7543_resized IMG_7550_resized IMG_7553_resized IMG_7555_resized IMG_7559_resized

We walked a LOT that day…IMG_7561_resized


Back to the beach for another epic sunset…DSC_0285_resized DSC_0288_resized DSC_0289_resized DSC_0295_resized DSC_0296_resized DSC_0297_resized

Bridal party mani/pedis the next morning…IMG_7566_resized IMG_7567_resized IMG_7575_resized

What I made for Meag and Tom…IMG_7589_resized

Van and Lynne in the wedding rehearsal, practicing their walk down the aisle…IMG_7600_resized IMG_7609_resized IMG_7613_resized IMG_7620_resized IMG_7622_resized

We fed the ducks. One duck bit K…IMG_7628_resized Nice hotel locationIMG_7632_resized

Rose and her bobble head at the bar…IMG_7643_resized

These two…IMG_7655_resized IMG_7656_resized IMG_7664_resized IMG_7668_resized

The late night crew…IMG_7671_resized IMG_7679_resized IMG_7687_resized

The morning of the wedding…IMG_7692_resized IMG_7695_resizedDSC_0301_resized DSC_0303_resized DSC_0309_resized

Getting ready, hair and makeup, room service and mimosas….

DSC_0317_resized DSC_0318_resized DSC_0320_resized DSC_0321_resizedIMG_7700_resized

IMG_7707_resized IMG_7709_resized IMG_7715_resized IMG_7724_resized IMG_7729_resized IMG_7732_resized IMG_7736_resized IMG_7739_resized IMG_7740_resized IMG_7742_resized IMG_7746_resized

The ceremony was beautiful and HOT! And after, mid-photo shoot, we took a break for shots (for those that weren’t pregnant)IMG_7748_resized IMG_7749_resized IMG_7750_resized IMG_7751_resized IMG_7752_resized IMG_7753_resized IMG_7760_resized IMG_7766_resized IMG_7770_resized IMG_7784_resized IMG_7789_resized

And then on the boat for the reception and cruise around the bay…IMG_7790_resized IMG_7792_resized IMG_7795_resized IMG_7798_resized IMG_7801_resized IMG_7802_resized IMG_7808_resized IMG_7814_resized IMG_7818_resized IMG_7822_resized IMG_7826_resized IMG_7830_resized IMG_7832_resized IMG_7840_resized

And a few final photos of the end of the night…IMG_7843_resized IMG_7845_resized IMG_7846_resized IMG_7848_resized IMG_7852_resized IMG_7960_resized

Such an incredible time with so many people I love! <3