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Hiking Adventure

Yesterday I thought my legs were sore from skating from the last 3 days and a yoga session… but I clearly wasn’t prepared for how they would feel by the end of the day. Mandi had mentioned that some of the people in the lab were planning a short hike and then dinner at Southern Sun. I met up with everyone around 5pm after a long and lonely day in my office in the ITL and running a few errands in the scorching heat.

We headed up Chautauqua and it was on…

The fox was a surprise treat on the way down. After our hiking adventure, we headed to Southern Sun for beers and fish n chips. Delicious. I got home and crashed immediately. I was sore and tired, but felt so good. And plus I had to wake up early to watch the USA/Algeria game at 8am in the lab. Not a bad job!

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  1. Cameron says:

    whoa crazy fox