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Summer Daze

This week flew by so fast I can barely remember what I’ve been up to. I left off last time with waking up for the USA soccer game Wednesday morning…. which was an amazing game! Stressful, but such a good ending. And more lab bonding time since we all met up at 8am in the lab to watch the game streamlined on the computer. I brought some bagels, Mandi brought some coffee, and Sara brought two types of cookies. In the end it turned out to be my longest day in the lab since I was there until about 5pm and did only filtering all day long. Oh boy!

Later I ventured down to the farmers’ market and met up with Mandi, Alia, and LP, and later Jason. We wandered around, got some food, scrounged for samples, and checked out the stands. When it was time for everyone to split, I went over to Jason’s house to fix my bike tire (actually Jason did it and I watched) and to pick some lettuce (actually Jason picked the lettuce and gave me some) from his garden. I was just about to head home for an early night when Glen called and was down to skate. So we headed to campus to dork around. The best part of the night was skating a 2-flat-1-flat-2-flat-3-flat-1-flat-3. The last set was not worth ollying because the ground at the way bottom was terrible… but the rest was so much fun. We cruised around to other spots and I landed my first boardslide popout ever. Woohoo.

Thursday was over 90 degrees for most of the day and I decided I’d rather not going anywhere near my car. So I put my tire back on my bike and rode my bike to and from work. On the way home I finally got a photo of the ox near my house…

Pretty cool animal.

I got home just it time to eat a sandwich with the bread I got at the farmers’ market and the lettuce I got from Jason’s garden, and then drove back into Boulder (I haven’t quite figured out this nonreliance on a car) in time to meet Glen to go skate Denver. Skating the city was soooo much fun. It was 87 degrees at 9pm, the Red Sox were in town at Coors Field, and we cruised around downtown for a couple hours. I was actually bummed I didn’t bring my camera when Glen boardslid an unmarked ledge coming out across a set of stairs. There was also a cool stop with a gap over a row of plants. That spot has a row of glass windows almost the whole lenth of the gap at the top. After skating down it, we starting skating up and Glen warned me not to shoot my board out… so what did I do? Of course, I shot my board out so hard, but luckily it slammed into the concrete wall at one end of the glass windows. As I was getting up from the ground, I was talking about how I would have had to run if it hit the window, only to discover the security guard was almost right behind me, laughing at the thought of me trying to run away. Oops. We skated a few other spots and then headed back to Boulder.

Friday was insanely hot. I worked pretty much all day, and then my advisor had all of us in the lab over for dinner. There was so much amazing food… and we got to play with his daughter Veronica…

the lab group

So adorable. Good food, good people, good Friday night.