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Visiting Meagan and Penelope in San Diego

Back in February (2016), I went to visit Meagan, Tom and Penelope in San Diego when Penelope was just one month old…


Nikon photos:

DSC_0043_resized DSC_0048_resized DSC_0063_resized DSC_0064_resized DSC_0067_resized DSC_0068_resized DSC_0088_resized DSC_0095_resized DSC_0097_resized DSC_0102_resized DSC_0105_resized DSC_0110_resized DSC_0126_resized DSC_0158_resized DSC_0169_resized DSC_0174_resized


Iphone photos:

img_0140 img_0144 img_0145 img_0151 img_0154 img_0163 img_0164 img_0168 img_0174 img_0179 img_0189 img_0190 img_0197 img_0198 img_0205 img_0206 img_0210img_0218 img_0219 img_0220 img_0221 img_0224 img_0225 img_0230 img_0233 img_0241 img_0243 img_0254 img_0262 img_0266 img_0268 img_0269 img_0270 img_0272 img_0273 img_0278 img_0304 img_0319 img_0321 img_0327 img_0329 img_0352 img_0362 img_0375