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Albuquerque x Lowcard: “Big Meet Up” Weekend Feb 2016

Mid February 2016, Fuzz rented a van and Jack, Nolan, CJ, Ashlyn and I met up with Fuzz on a Friday evening to pile into the van and drive to Albuquerque.

First stop, Jack got iced:

img_0880 img_0888 img_0889

Breakfast the next morning after our wake-up visit about 3 hours after we went to sleep…img_0893 img_0897 img_0901 img_0905 img_0906 img_0907 img_0908 img_0911 img_0916 The green chili was amazing… and intense.

Next up, Palmer’s pool…img_0917

A few photos with my Nikon…DSC_0311_resized DSC_0312_resized DSC_0324_resized

Then to the Big Meet Up…img_0923img_0942img_0947img_1004img_1006

Late night at Palmer’s

Our crew broke out for our own missions on Sunday…
DSC_0328_resized DSC_0330_resized DSC_0338_resized DSC_0344_resized DSC_0354_resized DSC_0358_resized

And then we met back up with everyone for a session at the DIY spot, then we hit the road back to Colorado. I have way more iphone video clips than photos from the weekend, and maybe, maybe, some day they’ll end up somewhere…