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Graduation! May 2016



I actually wasn’t quite finished with school at this point, but I walked in the May graduation. (By the way, I am finished now and I even have my diploma in hand!! PhD!) And Odessa and I had a grad party! An example of the handmade invites…img_1523 img_1524

On our way to pick up our graduation robes/gowns, tassels, puffy hat, etc.:img_1591

And my family came in to town, and on Clay’s request, we had an early dinner at Efrains…img_1600 img_1604 img_1605

The ceremony was the next morning, and here’s some photos Jack took with my camera…DSC_0099_resized DSC_0106_resized DSC_0107_resized DSC_0108_resized DSC_0110_resized DSC_0111_resized DSC_0114_resized DSC_0117_resized DSC_0118_resized DSC_0120_resized DSC_0122_resized DSC_0123_resized DSC_0124_resized DSC_0125_resized DSC_0126_resized DSC_0127_resized DSC_0128_resized DSC_0129_resized DSC_0130_resized DSC_0131_resized DSC_0132_resized DSC_0133_resized DSC_0135_resized DSC_0139_resized DSC_0141_resized DSC_0144_resized DSC_0145_resized DSC_0148_resized DSC_0149_resized DSC_0150_resized DSC_0151_resized DSC_0153_resized DSC_0154_resized
DSC_0155_resized DSC_0156_resized DSC_0157_resized DSC_0161_resized

Back to my Iphone photos…img_1608

After photos on campus and on the buffalo, we went to Southern Sun for some lunch and drinks…img_1613 img_1618 img_1620 img_1626 img_1633 img_1644 img_1646 img_1648 img_1649 img_1652

And then, the grad party!
img_1661 img_1662

Odessa’s family prepping:
img_1663 img_1665

Oh yea, and the plumber had to come too!

But the party still got going…img_1668 img_1672 img_1673 img_1678img_1680img_1682img_1686img_1732img_1733img_1734img_1691Such an awesome time! I really wish I had more photos from the party, but I felt like I was running around the whole night! Super big thanks to everyone that came out – I really meant SO much!

And then on Sunday, sadly, it was time to say goodbye to my family that traveled to come to my graduation. img_1700img_1712img_1720