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This Saturday, February 25th 2017, we lost a one of a kind soul. Jason Heidecker was like no other, with a truly unique sense of humor and spirit. He was one of my first friends in Colorado, one of the Trick Factory. He never turned down an invite to the ol’ Gary’s Bar, danced with me at the Scumdowner, and was always down to take me skating. I remember picking the most delicious lettuce in Jason’s backyard, driving in his car with the heat up to 85 degrees, and adventures bar hopping and playing pool. He was an amazing skater and built the best ramps. He was always full of energy and positivity and would go the extra mile for others.

Jason was diagnosed with ALS and fought far beyond what I thought was imaginable. I was witness to my friends demonstrate unparalleled compassion and resourcefulness in caring for Jason when times seemed desperate. Jason maintained his sense of humor, strength, and sharpness through everything, and was always down for entertaining a party and making people cringe with YouTube videos. In the last few months, my most challenging and most rewarding moments have been with Jason. Two of my favorite memories in this recent past was telling him that I landed a front nose for the first time ever and showing him photos and drawings of the prairie dog tattoo I got at the tattoo fundraiser in his honor. It was the best to see him smile. And over the weekend, he left this world on his own terms and I believe he knew how loved he was.

Here are the photos I have to share, and I’ll add more as I find them. I hope you all enjoy.