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Just Another Hot Summer Week in CO

I think it’s been over 90 every single day. Joy. I really miss Matunuck. Every morning I wake up and keep straining to hear some waves crashing and to know I can just roll out of bed and into the ocean. But no… I just roll out of bed in my bedroom which is easily 90 degrees all the time now and rely on the shower to wake me up. And to make things even better, I woke up feeling like crap with a nice summer cold Monday morning.

Most of my time and energy this week has been dedicated to teaching the Engineering Projects Class for the GoldShirts Summer Bridge, which is a bridge program for an incoming cohort of freshman engineering students to CU. I was a little nervous to work with some older students after working with middle school students all year, but it’s been great. It reminds me of my teaching experience in Baltimore and makes me miss all those students even more. Here are some of my students for this week and next:

Their second day was a challenge… within the 2 hour class, they were given some materials (including 2 pizza boxes, aluminum foil, black poster paper, bubble wrap, cotton balls, a plastic bag and some tape), 25 minutes to design, and about 50 minutes to build a solar oven prototype and clean up. Here’s a few of the results:

The next day the students put their solar ovens outside with a HOBO stick and a probe to measure and the temperature inside the solar oven as it sat out for about an hour and a half.
One more week with these students… I can’t wait to see their final products.
Other than work, my week started off slow. Monday and Tuesday I went to sleep at probably 8pm because of my cold. A little lame, but I’ve never kicked a cold as fast as this one. By Wednesday, I made it to yoga, and on Thursday, I drove up to the new Broomfield park with Jason to meet up with Glen, John, Nate, Jack, Fuzz, Brian, and Neil. Glen

 took notes on everyone’s performance. It was hot and crowded, but an awesome session.

Friday was a pretty chill day… not as much planning for the class I’m teaching. The girls in the lab decided to throw a mini birthday party for our advisor. Everyone pitched in and we surprised him in another professor’s office.
Nate’s going away party at the pool in his apartment complex. So rad. We made a scene playing in the pool after dark with beer cans, a noodle, and a soccer ball. Before the party was completely broken up, Brian decided it was time to get Nate in the face with a pie. Somehow the pie was handed to me, and I planted it in Nate’s face, full force.
I enjoyed every second of it, but being the way I am, I apologized to Nate for it afterwards multiple times. He swore that he loved it. Even so, after that incident, we all made a swift exit to 29th Street Tavern. I left my camera in the car until Glen told me to go get.
Typical curse of a Friday night… I almost fell asleep at the bar and couldn’t finish my first beer. Oh well… soon it was off to bed. Weekend mission: packing up and moving out of Gunbarrel.