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Cell phone gems

I recently got an adapter that will work with the micro SD card I have. The same one from my old “crackberry”, with all those amazing photos. Since I left the smart phone era and traveled back in time slightly, I’ve still been trying to document life on the regular. Unfortunately my new phone makes me actually save the photos I take. So many times I’ve taken a photo and just hit “END” and lost the photo immediately. Tragic. Here are the ones that survived.

Starting in December 2010, in Rhode Island…




The Kraken

Four Loko warning

My best drawing. Age 5.

Parking at the Pier

Surfers at the Pier

A note from Seth


Math humor

Chip and a beast

Tig Notaro standup

latte art

the AWESOME discount

Bathroom art in SF

My bloody hand


Super parking job


very strange.


Null sighting

BIG burrito

Life is hard.