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K.O.T.C 2010: Day 2

Day 2 – Saturday morning.

I woke up on the floor next to Fuzz. Glen was sleeping on a couch that was half the length of his body, cuddling with a dog. Jack was the only one who looked remotely comfortable. Time to wake up!

We got ourselves together and went out for an amazing breakfast (bloody mary and all), then hit Market so I could set up a new board and buy some new shoes. Actually… the sweetest shoes ever. Es Bobby Worrests. Then we hit the road with Chris and Daryl in a separate car, heading to Wyoming. One more stop at a store called Jax, where I grabbed a car charger for my camera and a new toy… a telephoto lens!! Woohoo! My first lens besides the stock lens that came with the camera.

Once we hit Wyoming, we headed straight to the Cheyenne park to meet back up with Chris and Daryl, and also Brian and Neil. And we were back in it to win it.

First challenge of the day…
Viking Gulp with Camo Joe – Fuzz for 10 points
Next up…
Ollie the big 5 – Daryl for 100 points
Brian with pole jam to fakie – 500 points (crappy timing on the photo goes to me)

We hung around the park for a bit to take care of a few other challenges. The guys did their civil war reenactment (100 points) and grinded over some racial graffiti in the bowl (20 points). Fuzz talked to a broad about dogs, sex, and burning one at her house (10 points), while a few of us stuck to skating the ledge, where each trick was 20 points a piece. I know everyone else was landing crazy tricks that I don’t even remember, but I was hyped just to get my 3 go to tricks… noseslide, noseslide shuv out, and 180 nosegrind to fakie. I also did the “borrow a local’s board and see how long you can keep it” challenge for 50 points. The trucks were so tight I wiped out just skating flat around the bowl area.

Then we headed to a school that looked like it was made for skating. Ledges everywhere…
Tie-dye twins chilling with Fuzz
I spent most of the time trying to film on Glen’s camera (hopefully something came out…), but I did manage to get a few photos.
Neils of Fire got to work…
…while the rest of us chilled.
…and then Glen got some.
And then we all were ready to move on and hit the next spot.
Next up…. Cool River Liquor Store gap. Oh and the most delicious frozen booze drinks in the store. The liquid cocaine was to die for…
no gun rack here 🙁
this guy rocks at driving. also at giving advice for how to ollie a gap that he would never even think about in his entire life.
Luckily, Daryl ignored him…
…and layed down this ollie for 200 points.
Next up: Albertson’s parking lot.
Jack – drop in from the top bar for 100 points
Then we got our eyes set on this sign…
Steal a “no skateboarding” sign – 100 points
Then I came through with my big contribution for the team…
Kiss a Red-Headed “Man” – 200 points
We found a spot to take care of our team slalom race through a construction zone (100 points) and our team race in a parking garage (20 points). I was dead last in both… that is until the tie-dye twins took each other out during the slalom race.
Before we moved on, Jack noticed this spot along the wall…
Always getting it done. Finally it was time for food again. We hit up a mexican restaurant around downtown Cheyenne.
After lots of food and drinks, we debated about taking care of some of the strip club challenges, but found ourselves back at the Cheyenne park with two 30 racks of Extra Gold. Skating just never gets old. It felt so good to pump around the bowl and slam over and over trying to get a decent ollie over the hip.
Fuzz was feeling so good, he stepped up to get us some more points…
Naked trick up the euro – 30 points
Once the lights when off at the park, we headed over to Metal Matt’s house to spend the night.
We partied on the front deck unt

il about 5am. We played a name skaters type game for hours and beer cans were chucked all over the place. I attempted to clean them all up before going to bed, which just turned into something like a snowball fight between me and people on the deck. I was trying to hit Jack and instead Glen every time until I finally clocked Jack in the back of the head. Oops. Sooooo much fun. Then we piled in to the living for a big slumber party. I found a spot on the floor, Daryl hooked me up with a pillow and I used my hoodie and flannel as a blanket and my beanie to cover my feet. Gotta love crashing on road trips!