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K.O.T.C. 2010: Day 3

Day 3. Wow… how did we get here already? The weekend was flying by and after falling asleep somewhere after 5am, it was going to be a rough morning.

Fuzz was in rough form…

So was Jack. He took care of the puking in public challenge (20 points) on the side of Metal Matt’s porch. It’s ironic because he was the one that seemed most disgusted when I offered to take on that challenge right after we left the Mexican restuarant the night before.
Eventually we pulled ourselves together and hit the road. There was some talk about possibly doing some more challenges in Cheyenne, but ultimately we decided it was best to head back to Colorado.
First stop… breakfast.
Once we got some awesome food and coffee in our systems, we were ready for the day. And just for the occasion, I decided to be twins with Fuzz…
He loved it.
A little scenary on our drive…
First skating challenge of the day… treflip at the Wyoming/Colorado border. (10 points)
Daryl and two hungover dudes got out of the car to race to get the challenge done.
In the end, he showed them how to get it done.
After that we drove straight to Fort Collins and hit up the Northside park for awhile. Fuzz got the boardslide all the way across the crazy Jersey barrier in the middle of the park (500 points), while Brian did some crazy barefoot trannie tricks. I was hurting and just stuck to skating the ledge along the side of the park, and then did a little filming. We met up with Bernie and then it was on…
Ollie into this crazy steep and gnarly bank (500 points).
Bernie. Insane.
Next up: the Dairy Queen spots.
Daryl climbed up on the roof and was ready to ollie off (50 points), when some guy who, to our surprise, actually lived there came out. He was livid. And he was holding a screwdriver like he was ready to shank someone. So it was time to bail…
Instead, Daryl got this gap…
(30 points)
It was getting late, and we contemplated whether it was time to throw in the towel or find another challenge.
The final challenge that we were holding out for was the 36-in pizza challenge at Pizza Casbah (100 points). Rather appropriate for the self-proclaimed “Fat Factory”. We made a call to the place and found out that only 2 people were allowed to take part and normally they don’t offer it on the weekends. We went there anyways, but skipped the challenge. Good thing because it was already after 4pm.
So we hit up their deal of the day…
… ending with 2 angry thumbs down.
Then to Market to tally up some points.
Our total before they added in any best trick points.
And then I just had fun and flaked on taking more photos. There were John Doe Zine covers on display, and a bbq party going on at the apartment upstairs. At one point, the clouds rolled in and it started downpouring and hailing harder than I’ve ever experienced before. Eric and whoever else lives there killed it as hosts and immediately threw up some party tents. The worst of the storm started to pass, and we realized there was a huge rainbow in the sky. And not just any rainbow; it was a double rainbow and the most distinct rainbow was a full semi-circle starting in the dumpster at the corner of the parking lot. Unbelievable. I stood out in the pouring rain at first, just in complete awe of the rainbow, and then realized that the huge rain drops looked like streams of glitter as they fell through streaks of sunlight. Seriously, it was amazing. I was so psyched I think I started crying.
What an amazing adventure. Glen, Jack, Fuzz and I stuck around later than the rest of the team, and I offered to drive home so Glen could drink heavy with Fuzz. We headed to Broomfield and chilled by a pond before dropping Fuzz off. None of us wanted to let go of the weekend just yet. And as much as I didn’t want to do it, I cut the night sort because I knew I would have to be up at 6am then next morning. Back to reality.
Oh… and the craziest thing of all… we won.