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Real Birthday… and San Diego.

Yesterday (September 2nd) was my real birthday. The night before I wasn’t feeling it, but when I woke up I couldn’t help but get excited. I opened up the door and my roommate had put up a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” banner across the top of the stair case. Sweet!

Then off to school… By my third class I was getting antsy. I had planned to go by the lab to print some things for class because I wasn’t able to print in the ITL. Got down there and everyone was in party hats with a birthday cake and lit candles, just waiting for me. I was completely caught off guard. It was amazing. So the whole lab group and my advisor sang “happy birthday” to me and then Vivy serenated me with a Chinese version. So rad.

After that it was back home to pack and head to the airport…. for San Diego!

Meagan and Meg picked me up at the airport, and then we headed to Sara’s new studio space. The location is crazy… planes heading to the airport fly sooooo close over head, it’s amazing. I really missed my camera. I got another rendition of “happy birthday” from the ladies and blew out the lit candle on the cupcake Sara picked up for me. We drank some wine and had chips and salsa to celebrate.

Everyone had worked the next day, so I headed home with Meagan and Meg. Woke up Friday morning and explored around a bit. Took a few pictures with the blackberry. Meagan did offer me her camera to use, so I need to get on that. Loving San Diego, missing my camera.

just a walk down the street…
I guess silly bands are such a hit here, they get advertised on the marquee.
sweet. just keep feeding the addiction.
the saddest looking octopus I’ve ever seen…