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Missing my camera…. and random life.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I am really missing my camera. I haven’t gotten any more updates from the Geek Squad and the 2 weeks period that the guy at Best Buy said it would take has come and gone already. I’ve tried not to whine and cry about it, as best as possible, and instead, have been using my phone camera more than usual. Here’s some random bad quality photos to fill some space…

Dark Horse happy hour
on the way in
Mandi and Sarah
Vivy eating wings
as if I need any more photos of wings right now!
Walking to school
My friend Meagan’s dad built a flipflop tree when we were kids. Looked very similar, but all flipflops that were found on the beach or our old pairs. I was psyched to notice this on my walk.
Happy Hour at West End
Live music compliments of a family friend of my roommate LP
Mandi and Kayla
Business Deals
After skating Broomfield on Tuesday with Glen, we stopped by Fuzz’s house for some Null/Crisis business deals… (excuse the extremely super crappy photos, the blackberry does not operate well when there’s not a lot of light)
Fuzz proceeded to accidently dump the entire box of clothes on the floor immediately after the deal went down. Maybe just one of those “you had to be there” moments
My “Children”
Wallace is obsessed with this plant. Hope my neighbors aren’t upset that he snacks on it everyday.
Grommit. Doing her thing.
I had a relatively unique opportunity yesterday to meet a woman who’s been through a lot in her life. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in May and is currently half way through her chemo treatments. She came close to not making it through, but is alive and fighting. I was overwhelmed by how friendly, open, and outgoing she is. She takes a water color painting class at Naropa as part of her therapy. Here’s her painting from yesterday, which I think shows her creativity…
An eskimo monkey in a hammock by a palm tree.