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Completely Random

I seriously cannot remember the context at all, but sometime on either Friday night or Saturday, I was talking to someone about this book. I haven’t layed eyes on it in probably 20 years and didn’t know if I was even remembering it correctly…

…then yesterday, I went over to my friend Jenn’s place and found it on her bookshelf. SO random. Coincidence?
Went on a Monday mission with Glen, Fuzz and Jake. We stopped by 303 (where I finally found some size 7 first bloods), then out to skate the Brighton park. On the way home, we made a gas station stop. Glen and Jake went the healthy route with some dried banana slices and apricots. Fuzz got cigarettes and beer. I got peanut butter M&Ms and doritos. Quality dinner. Anyways, I got super hung up on this…

…candy necklace, candy bracelet, and some sweet pink shades! Too bad they would never fit.
After having the longest summer of my life (at least weather-wise), autumn hit on Saturday.

(some fall leaves on campus)
Gotta love my Processes grader…

…and what I “learn” in school.