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Saturday Adventure – Denver Mission

My brother Chip has told me he doesn’t look at this site. I hope that’s the case because I haven’t decided on a good excuse for skipping the football game and watching him run Ralphie. Regardless, Saturday is adventure day and it’s all or nothing. So skating it was.

It was a day of Trick Factory and some time with the Meta van…

After a long day and a few spots, we skated a park in the area until dark. The original plan was to skate Broomfield with Fuzz after he closed the shop, but it was the Trick Factory. Food was first priority. So off to 3 Margaritas for awesome food and pitchers of banana margs. At dinner we played a little old school MASH. Apparently, when I “grow up”, I will marry Cory Kennedy, live in an apartment in Costa Rica with a dog and drive a pick-up truck. Not too shabby. Then over to Crisis for chillen and videos. I ate and drank so much at dinner that I went through a hyper phase and then crashed… hard. A blurry end to the night…



Glen and Brian

…aah. Love it. Sorry to Chip… but so hard to miss Saturday adventures.