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Tuesday Adventure

After a long day of classes and building “levees” with some 9th and 10th graders on campus, I had to run back to Lafayette because I forgot my flash drive in the classroom I was working in the day before. In the end, the timing coincided perfectly with a session about to go down at the Lafayette park. Since it’s still under construction, I brought a case of tecate to appease the Team Pain workers. Skating the bowls was a blast, and the weather was amazing. I can’t wait to since the finished product.

Before it got dark, I ran back to campus to do a few more things for work, then met up with Glen. We picked up Fuzz, stopped by Community to watch beers being shotgunned and to drop off boards. Then to Denver for a 303 visit, pizza stop and a downtown session.

On the way up it sounded like Glen had a serious crew for the night, but after a bunch of bailing, it was just the three of us. But all for the better… such a rad sesh. I ollied over my first handrail… although it was far different that any handrail you might envision. We also made it back to the 4 flat 4 that I had gotten kicked out of after about 10 tries early on in the summer. (It’s an ollie, ollie, not ollying the whole double set) So last night I rolled up as the security guard was walking through the building after kicking us off the marble manny pad on the other side. I almost got it first try but slipped out on the landing after the second set… and then got kicked out. The rest of the night was rad too… a few spots I left to Glen and Fuzz cause I had nothing. But such a good time… and Glen came through with the awesome rendition of the entire session. So check it out!