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Procrastination at its Finest

I have a test tomorrow morning at 8am. And it was such a beautiful day. Too amazing not to skate, but far too screwed not to work. So I’ve forced myself to sit in front of my computer with my notes scattered around me indoors… a nice mirage of good work ethic and motivation. Unfortunately I’ve done just about everything else except prepare myself for tomorrow. Minus my short bike ride and leisurely wandering around a kite shop on Pearl, it’s been a sad afternoon and evening. So here’s to randomness…

Went to The Cup to “study”. This fish was sitting on the counter and appeared very much dead. Who knows?

Some cups at The Cup

Wallace being weird.

So ready for beanie season. Picked up the new yellow one at 303 last night.

Almost every holiday, my mom sends me some festive socks. Just got these in a package today. Thanks mom!