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Halloween skate jam – Northside, Fort Collins

MRKT held a Halloween skate jam at Northside on Saturday. I went up with Lazer, Neil and Brian around midday. It was my first time skating in a dress (couldn’t fall all day), and I had my brand new camera to shoot some photos! I’m having some issues with uploading photos from my new memory card, so I’m limited to what I can show right now (or crop and edit)… but here’s some from the day:

So good. I feel like I’m adjusting back to my camera, but its all good. I honestly spent most of my time trying to skate and not playing around with the camera. I almost got a wall ride along the brick wall from one wooden ramp to another… but quit after realizing my front truck was about to fall off (again). Spent the rest of the time skating the ledge in the corner… my usual spot when I feel totally overwhelmed at Northside.

Once it got dark we grabbed some slices of pizza at Surfside and checked out the zombies… the entire town was dressed as zombies! So wild. Then Lazer’s birthday party and an early night for me so I could get ready for a stream ecology field study. Oh yea.