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Monday Motions

1. Only day this week (besides an uncomfotable Saturday morning) that I didn’t have to wake up somewhere around 5 or 6am. I should have woken up around then, but I instead I slept an extra hour or so. Pure happiness.

2. Work Seminar – 10am. Not too bad, but haven’t had coffee yet. Falling asleep.

3. Work. This is what I did at work today:

…and yes, I also managed to slice my finger on the box cutter I was using. typical.

Left work angry about the project and presentation for Stream Ecology that I hadn’t started. Presentations start at 8am tomorrow. Grrrr.

4. Went to yoga! First day back in seriously 3 months (minus one time in San Diego with Sara). Felt so good. I guess the cold air made me realize skating can’t always be the number one priority all year round.

5. New new bandz have arrived. Fun shapes (the new octopus has 6 tenticles instead of 4 like the old one… not quite 8 yet, but close), but made for the wrist of an elephant. Seriously, I think they might make a better necklace than even an anklet.

6. Work on the PRESENTATION. Rode my bike around to settle my mind and then hit up the Folsom Coffe Shop. Feeling at peace from yoga and ready to be motivated instead of angry.