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Welcome to November

I knew that shit would hit the fan in November. And it came like clockwork. November 1st – my life feels like it got turned upside down. I think in a positive way, but I have so much to do and feel each day is a rollercoaster ride of emotions. I doubt myself but gain reassurance just about every day. I work all day long and feel like I accomplish nothing… and let my groups down just like last year. An yet, the small victories and goals keep me moving…
So nothing too great, but some photos from the week.
The cats
Walrus’s spot in the closet
Present from Pat

a cut-out. pretty sweet.
cramped quarters
Some shots from in the classroom (valve activity):

And that’s that. Wednesday and Friday were my last days with the 8 7th grade classes I’ve been working with. The kids are so amazing. I will definitely miss them.

The rest of Friday I meant to do work before the Toy Machine premier. I tried a little bit, as I hung out with Fuzz at Crisis. But the weather was unbelievable. 70 degrees and not a cloud in the sky in November. Aah. So I skated the Broomfield park for a few hours with some of the Crisis kids. It took me awhile to warm up, but eventually got going. Landed my 4th ever front shuv and my 3rd ever manual on the blue manual pad… perfectly clean. Then just the usual, some bowl skating, front d on the brick quarter, pop shuv down the double set, etc. The scene at the park was rad.

Back to Crisis to grab Fuzz and Neil, then to Denver for a downtown session. SO good. We only had an hour and it was the most quality hour of street skating ever I think. I finally got the 4 flat 4. We rolled up with an alarm going off on the side of the building (probably cause Neil and Fuzz skated the marble manny on the other side), so I went for it as quick as I could with traffic coming. And finally, success.

And I finally got to skate the jersey barriers that have been a mini-buzz lately. They’re creted into quarter pipes basically. After some encouragement from Fuzz (who launched out, 180’d out and (melon?) grabbed out… along with a ton of crazy disaster variations), I launched out in to the sidewalk, followed by Neil (who also had front 5-0 slashers down before we left). Gnarly gnarly gnarly.

Then to the premier. Honestly, my night ended with me all bummed out, but just knowing that my friends were there to pick me up when I fell down made it all the better. How can I feel shitty when I have the raddest friends ever?