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First snow of the season

It may just be a dusting, but the message is clear. It’s that time. First snow of the season, yet also first hot tub session of the season. And that says it all… it’s time to get my pass.

[side note: it’s almost 10 days into November and I’m still surviving. only 1 serious breakdown including utter panic and crying myself to sleep. luckily, it manifested from a drunken realization of my personal life that led into desperation in my professional life and not the other way around. this may seem like an insignificant factor, but ultimately it makes all the difference. being an emotional girl is just life, but when my work alone brings me to a breaking point, that’s when it will be time to re-evaluate my direction (or it just means I’ve returned to teaching – which comes with highs that outweigh the dramatic lows). but for now, i’m going to make the most of my insane schedule and daunting expectations for the next week and a half… and appreciate everyone that offers me any form of support and encouragement]