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Block Island bound

At some point Monday night (when I was back at the Mist, of course), my stomach started to hurt. I kept having waves of super intense pain, making it a struggle to sleep at all that night. Polly said she was going to Block Island in the morning with Sara, and even though I was enduring some excruciating stomach pain, I couldn’t miss the adventure. I mean, I’m only home in RI during the summer for a few days a year.

Big thanks to Cortney for taking us around the island on a jeep tour and to eat/drink at a rad spot.

And here’s some of the shots I got (when I wasn’t in the “beach infirmary” or keeled over somewhere else in pain)…

Hope I wasn’t too much of a downer on the trip, and despite the waves of pain, I’m so happy I got out of bed and spent such a beautiful fabulous summer day adventuring with friends. I got home at probably 7pm and spent at least the next 14 hours in bed and didn’t eat for the next 24 hours upon Dr. Dad’s request. What would a vacation home be if I didn’t get sick or have terrible stomach pains… not a vacation I’d be familiar with!

One Response to “Block Island bound”

  1. Sara says:

    You most definitely were not a downer …. Amazing trip!! Great shots Carleigh …. how is “Ferry” doing?