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Snow Day!

After a late breakfast, we found some winter gear throughout the house and went to play in the snow. I’m not sure what happened to our plans to go sledding… I guess the fact that there aren’t any hills on the farm and our unplowed driveway was practically impossible to get down changed those plans. Instead, we entertained ourselves in the yard…

snow angel!

Chip and Liz
our “humpback” snow turtle

Chip and Seth – and their “igloo fort” – the idea was still being conceived at this point…

and then they chose to flatten it.

Liz as a mermaid

Chip – completely stuck in Clay’s car which no longer has 4-wheel drive
After playtime was over, we had some hot cocoa (classic) and my friends Ama and Aurelia came over to visit. I was starting to get some crazy cabin fever since I hadn’t left the farm in a few days, but luckily Sara said she was heading over to East Greenwich with her sister Kendal for some drinks, and it didn’t take any work at all to convince Seth and Chip to come with. So we trekked out into the snow. Honestly, the only places covered in snow were our driveway and our street, but it was insane. We slid and fishtailed all over the place, and drove full speed through 4-foot high snow drifts. We even had to get out and push the car at one point. What an adventure…
Our turtle at night.

Chip and Kendal

Me, Sara, and Kendal

Me and Sara. I’ll miss you gullfriend!
It started to get a little late, and after a good night, I convince my brothers to head home to the hopes of some Kingston Pizza. Unfortunately, we were denied – apparently they’re only open til 2am certain days (especially not when URI is on vaction), so we settled for some mac and cheese once we were home. Another day… gotta have KP before I leave town!