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lomo fisheye roll 15.

… and the last roll ever from that particular camera. The little piece that rewinds the film broke off. boo. In fact, all my cameras are in pretty bad shape. Lots of use, too much abuse. Ah well, here’s the last set of fisheye photos for now… (until I make a new purchase)

colorful fall trees after a downtown Denver skate session with Derek

Kyle. 5-0 to fakie. Bright and early sunrise session at little Arvada

Connor cruising the bowl. A little later in the early morning at Northglenn

Jack. Chirren at Northglenn

A leaf print at Northglenn

Connor. Spot in the making.

Connor throwing rocks

Jack. yoga pose.

just some some weeds…

… and a view


more snow

and more snow

and the last snow shot.

Lazer as Andy from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure at Halloween Havoc

more costumes

Glen and Jason

Lazer again

And the last shot ever from this camera…… is me!