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Transistion. Part I

So, it has been forever since my last post… my only excuse is that I have been far too busy with my own adventures to take even the slightest break to document it. I’m going to attempt to summarize my last month, but I know I’m way too long-winded for that… but here goes:

The last full weekend I spent in Baltimore began as soon as my final staff meeting at Heritage High School came to a close. I still have not come to grips with the fact that I won’t be coming back in August and I never felt like I had a real sense of closure. After work, we had another teacher meeting – at DuClaw, a restaurant on the inner harbor in Fells Point that brews their own beer. After some rounds of beer and appetizers, I left with my friend Jackie and Iris to pick up a bottle of wine and sat down at Asahi Sushi on Broadway.
Jackie and Iris deep in conversation:
Afterwords Jackie and I stopped by Mr. Yogato’s on the way home and got stamped for a 10% discount… that I’m not sure we actually got, but that’s okay…
us, stamped:
a sign we saw on the way…
We ate our froyo in the back indoor courtyard and entertained ourselves by making spoon people and playing connect 4.
The next night was the Vu’s 1-year anniversary party at Sonar. My friends Katie and Shade (former student) came out for the festivities, along with the usual baltimore skate scenesters. Fun times…
Me and Sean Green, waiting to get in:
Shade and Katie:
Shade and Goat:
Sean Green:
the crew:
Sunday, I picked up Vance who helped me take my bed apart so that I could sell it (after this, I was sleeping on the floor with my sleeping bag) and then I headed down to the farm to do some work in return. Since Luke didn’t want to actually put me to work on the farm, I had the job of shopping and making dinner, which I was actually delighted to take on. I fixed up some burgers on the grill, red bliss potatoes with some onion and spice on the grill, macaroni and cheese, and a garden salad. After the boys finished working we dined and then played horseshoes until the sun began to set and the mosquitos became unbearable.
Monday was my final day skating in Baltimore. I met up with Styles, who had Desmond’s camera, and we set off on a mission to film. We first showed up to the Ridge. Styles set up the camera and I sessioned the newly built euro gap with an ollie up, pop shuvit, front 180, kickflip, and then ollie in. As fast as we rolled up, we rolled out and headed to sawmill. Here Styles laid down nollie bigspin and fakie full cab flip and I filmed a simple pop shuvit and kickflip, all done of the hips.
On Tuesday I headed home to Rhode Island for some time on the beach before my trip out west. My friend Meagan was home a
nd we made an actual attempt to hit up the Mist for ticket Tuesday, but we lost interest while standing in line with some 18-year old URI students. The next day was beautiful (apparently one of the only sunny days all summer in RI) and I made my way down to the beach, and before long I was at the mist with Iain.
After a few rounds of Narragansetts and some games of pool, we met up with Meagan and cruised to the packy and then back down to the beach.
As an amazing cd of oldies seronated the room, we played some drinking games and enjoyed every minute of this beautiful summer day.
On Thursday the weather returned to rain, and I finished my RI trip with 2-4-1 Mexican dinners at the Mist with Meagan and Cortney. After, we spent stopped by Cortney’s, just before I got some sleep and left Rhode Island.
By Friday morning I was back in Baltimore, shipping boxes and spending the majority of the day at the Math Department’s end of school year pool party, just west of the city. We did manage to snap a few photos:
Delicious food, good company, and (of course) line dancing made it hard to leave this party, which I didn’t do until the sun had set and I realized that my friends Katie and Karen were waiting for me in Fells Point. We had a few drinks outside of the Green Turtle, possibly the trashiest spot in Fells, and then I had to say some more goodbyes. Before the night was over, I made my way out to Edgemere to hit up Vance’s bonfire. It was a great scene and never a dull moment, especially when a gorgeous tiki bar made its way into the fire.
Saturday was crunch time in terms of packing, but I took a break to go to breakfast with Jackie at Golden West in Hampden. Feeling out of character, I ordered the Hangover Burger which was topped with avocado and a fried egg. Normally I don’t eat much meat, but with the promise of an organic grass-fed (hopefully “grass-finished”, a term that Michael Pollan has used, reminding his readers that at some point all cows were fed grass), I just couldn’t resist endulging myself. I took another break after a drop-off at Goodwill to get a hair cut at Tenpachi’s in Fells. Occasionally I leave here disappointed, but this time I was delighted with my hair cut – exactly what I wanted. When I got back home, I had run out of time to pack, because I was supposed to be at my friend Matt’s house in Mt. Vernon, so that we could make it to our friend Nick’s wedding. Before the wedding, we had some drinks and took some photos:
In the end, we were extremely late for the wedding and arrived just before Nick stomped a glass and was told he could kiss the bride. Overall the experience was awkward. I hadn’t actually been invited, I just went as Matt’s date, which shouldn’t have been a big deal, but I couldn’t help feeling a little out of place. Then, to top it off, we were seated at the table with the bride and groom, and in addition to the social situation, I was wearing a dress that I don’t think is appropriate for anything along with my practically neon colored hot pink heels. Besides feeling out of place, I did have a fantastic time with Matt and actually appreciated the fact that his knee wasn’t ready to dance on, because I was pleased to sit on the side and drink.
My final morning in Baltimore would have been my final emotional breakdown if Vance didn’t come over and help me pack the remainder of my room and my car. We had some slices of pizza before I said my last goodbye and got in the car and drove straight to Newark, New Jersey to meet my mom.