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First weekend of spring break… skate adventures.

Friday. So incredibly beautiful. Too nice to do work or be inside… so off to meet Connor for a little skate session.

Connor, ollie

nollie shifty thingie

Then we met up with some other dudes and skated this Emerald school…

Justin, 5050

Justin, smith grind

Sean in the distance

Saturday started with the Commission’s High Noon Show Down (I think that’s what it was called) at a 3-block spot.

Some product toss photos…

After all that we hung out for a bit, checked out the Commission, and then went to a loading dock spot… to which I owe my incredibly sore legs (walking down stairs is still pretty difficult today) and that terribly nagging feeling of unfinished business. So moving on to a ledge spot…

Fun fun day. I was so beat. In fact, I didn’t even know if my legs would okay for walking the next day. But when Sunday came around, it was too much fun to just sit around. I met up with Glen, Dean and Jack, rode to Denver where we picked up Chad and met up with Rachel from the Springs. After the first spot, we moved downtown to the RTD station and Jack got a few things…

After this went down, our crew multiplied until we had about 30 people and skating turned into a powersliding contest until a cop, probably intimidated by the sheer number of people, yelled at us through a megaphone as he creeped by. We moved over to Tabor center, (where there was a total of 5 girls skating at one point… so random) and called it quits only after getting the boot. To end my 3-day mega skate weekend, I decided to upgrade from firecrackering 3 stairs to 6 stairs, which resulting in me diving from about the 3rd stair straight to the ground. Bloody hand and elbow… and a lot of laughter.

Off to Dean’s birthday BBQ.