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Mini Hike in Fort Collins and a Squirrel

Awhile back, Jack and I made a trip up to Fort Collins to drop of some Null boards. On the way up we found this…

jack and the giant ramp thinghad to see it from the topWe fantasized about the truck being closer and skating from the top of the truck into this giant ramp thing. Unfortunately it was meant for a car dealership to display cars and was built purposely to not allow wheels to roll down it.

Jack wasn’t feeling like skating and I wasn’t too keen on driving straight up and back, so we ended up going on a mini hike before heading back to Boulder…




texting. woo




about to start the hike


more nature


got some view


jack and the view


jumping on the rock


horsetooth reservoir


checking it out


i'm following


reservoir lookout


my turn for the photo op


making moves




crazy crazy.. on the ice in 50 degree weather


and not falling through


so crazy


and for the final rock


we needed a big one..


to leave our mark of course


i think it worked out


up close haha


last one from the hike



Fun times. Then a little while later, a squirrel came to visit…

the squirrel


jack fed him some bread


so funny



My real camera died, but there are many more pictures from my phone…

posing for the camera and wallace






he (or she?) really really wanted in the apartment


getting a treat


with both the cats


And that’s all for today’s postings.