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Fort Collins with the Lowcard CrownVic

Just like every trip to Fort Collins, this day was SO much fun. In general, I’ve been slacking on taking photos, so I might actually have to write a little to explain what’s been going on. My semester ended Friday, May 10th, and it turned my weekdays into 14-15 hour works days towards the end. But once I turned in my 75 page final project (after taking a 7-hour final for the same class), I was done. Odessa and I did happy hour in North Boulder, visited her garden plot, played one of the best dart games ever, and met up with a crew, including Freddy visiting from SF at the Waterloo.

The weekend already was off to a good start when Jack and I met up with Fuzz, Freddy, John, and Darrin at Crisis, and made our way to the new Thornton park for a super kook-filled session. After some food, we had a short Northglenn session before heading to Fuzz and Leslie’s for a night of BBQ, cornhole, and backyard camping. When we got there, the Lowcard crown vic had arrived, with Magnethead, Dan Nazzareta, and Cousins aka Avocado Man. Super fun night.

So that brings us to Sunday and the Fort Collins adventure. Sleeping in a tent doesn’t usually encourage sleeping in too late, and I’m pretty sure we were on the road by 9am, with only a quick stop at Jus Burritos for breakfast. We met up with Taylor, our guide for the day, at the newest of the 5 parks in Fort Collins, Water Way. For the most part, I skated the whole time, but snapped just a couple photos…

DSC_0124_edit_resized DSC_0127_edit_resized DSC_0128_edit_resized DSC_0129_edit_resized



After Water Way, Taylor took us to the full pipes. My first time there…DSC_0132_edit_resized DSC_0134_edit_resized DSC_0144_edit_resized DSC_0146_edit_resized DSC_0149_edit_resized DSC_0150_edit_resized DSC_0152_edit_resized




Next up was Spring Canyon, where I finally sat back and took photos instead of skating. The Fort crew definitely knows how to shred a bowl…DSC_0156_edit_resized DSC_0158_edit_resized DSC_0159_edit_resized DSC_0160_edit_resized DSC_0161_edit_resized DSC_0168_edit_resized DSC_0170_edit_resized DSC_0173_edit_resized DSC_0176_edit_resized DSC_0177_edit_resized DSC_0179_edit_resized DSC_0180_edit_resized DSC_0185_edit_resized DSC_0187_edit_resized



We took a break to visit Market, eat lunch, and then a session went down on this front porch quarter pipe…DSC_0188_edit_resized DSC_0189_edit_resized DSC_0190_edit_resized DSC_0194_edit_resized DSC_0196_edit_resized DSC_0197_edit_resized DSC_0198_edit_resized DSC_0199_edit_resized DSC_0201_edit_resized DSC_0203_edit_resized DSC_0207_edit_resized DSC_0213_edit_resized DSC_0217_edit_resized DSC_0219_edit_resized DSC_0229_edit_resized DSC_0230_edit_resized DSC_0232_edit_resized DSC_0239_edit_resized DSC_0240_edit_resized DSC_0243_edit_resized DSC_0245_edit_resized DSC_0249_edit_resized DSC_0251_edit_resized DSC_0254_edit_resized DSC_0256_edit_resized DSC_0257_edit_resized DSC_0259_edit_resized

And that’s when we left the house decided to be the worst/dirtiest skate house ever. Congrats guys! We made our way to Edora after that, and then finally to Northside to skate until the sun went down. I stopped taking photos and just skated, so no more images to show. Such an awesome day. We camped in Fuzz’s backyard again this night, and then had another amazing day the following day, with a long session at Roxborough and a night session at Arvada. So rad! Thanks to everyone involved for making it such an awesome weekend!