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Rhode Island to Baltimore

As always, my vacation is flying by way too fast.

Leaving Rhode Island was more difficult than I expected. I always feel like I never get to spend enough time at home. My last day went by like a whirl wind.

I ended up running into my friend Justin and his girlfriend Paige in the airport, and they ended up on my flight. They sat with me on the flight and provided the distraction I needed so that I didn’t think too much about how I was already leaving the ocean, the farm, my family, and my home behind so soon.

On the flight, we discovered some treats left in the pockets on the seats. Paige found an unopened pack of pretzels, and I found an opened bag of candy. Even though Justin warned us we were literally “taking candy from a stranger”, Paige and I didn’t hesitate to eat the candy. Classic.
The flight was so quick and before I knew it, I was in Baltimore, getting picked up by my friend Katie and her sister Karin. We hung out at their house in Reisterstown for the night with their adorable dog Toby and took an outing to the Olive Garden.
I woke up Thursday to find Baltimore covered in snow. What a surprise. Katie went out to sweep the snow with a broom in her flipflops. Gotta love when it snows in Baltimore.

And now I’m just anxiously awaiting for some skate sessions to begin. Hoping today to start is easy with a family session on the Vu mini ramp, Joey, Gabe, and me.