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Baltimore Trip

I completely failed at taking photos, so I’ll try my best to keep the story-telling short and sweet.

On Thursday, I met Gabe at Vu. Both Gary and Chris (owners of the skateshop) were there plus some other familiar faces. Instead of skating, Gabe and I went across the street to Dead Freddies to get some food. Luckily I got my crab fix for the trip by ordering a Chesepeake Burger… a burger with crab dip on top. Yummmmmy. By the time we were finished, Gabe had to leave for Delaware.

I hung around and skated the mini ramp until Joey showed up. Ended up skating until Vu closed for New Years Eve at 5pm. While I was leaving I saw the most amazing blow-up/light-up lawn ornament I have ever seen. Just so everyone knows, Baltimore (especially Baltimore County as opposed to Baltimore City) has got to be the capital of blow-up lawn ornaments. They are SO popular here. I immediately tried to get a photo of this incredible find, but unfortunately I had left my memory card in my laptop. S.O.L. So instead, I found some pictures on the internet using Google Images to illustrate what I’m talking about.

For New Years Eve, I ended up on my friend Luke’s farm in Edgemere. So much fun. Luke cooked up a feast including venison wrapped in bacon, as well as fried and steamed shrimp. I drank pantydroppers (Luke’s wine that he makes each year) all night and even skated the 2-foot mini ramp in the basement as the guys jammed out with all the instruments on the stage next to the ramp. Good times.
New Years Day was a day of recovery, and I ended up at a family party of Katie’s family friends. While eating lots of amazing food, I disappointingly watched Ohio State beat Oregon in the Rose Bowl. After we played Scene-It and even though Lazer and Reed tell me over and over that I’ve never seen any movie ever, I was actually a key player on my team.

Saturday was my last full day in town and it was dedicated to…. skateboarding! I picked up my friend Dan and we first hit up Charm City. It was so packed that skating was an incredible chore. Anytime either of us stood still for one second, we were immediately surrounded by bikers and kids on scooter and had to physically push them out of the way to move anywhere. Yuck.

So we hit the road and stopped at my favorite pizza/pasta place in Baltimore, Pasta Mista. I got my favorite slice, the Mondragone (a deep dish of pizza sauce, slices of fresh mozzarella and tomato, and basil) while Dan opted for one of the chicken pizzas… I think the chicken caesar maybe? I was personally touched that the people working recognized me and commented on how I hadn’t been around. Actually, I used to go there every single day, so if they didn’t recognize me, I would have been hurt.
After leaving Pasta Mista, we picked up Styles and met up with Dakota and Joey and a few others at Vu. We skated the ramp for a bit and hung out with Eller, who was working the shop. We later left to skate a park about an hour north until closing time. Fun times.
I ended up staying out pretty late, chilling, dropping people off, visiting with Styles at her place. It was sad to head home in the wee hours of the morning, because even though we all talked about trying to meet up and skate the next day, I knew it was probably not going to happen. And it didn’t. The next day, I just lounged around the house with Karin until it was time to pack up and head out the airport.

Goodbye to the east coast. Every trip goes by far too fast. I am so happy for everyone I was able to see and still regretful for those I missed. Life is filled with endless decisions and sometimes even the right decisions are hard to live with after the fact, while wrong decisions are no better. But as for me, it’s time to head back to Colorado, and soon I’ll get over the fact that I had to make choices to miss certain people and skip some experiences. There’s never enough time for everything, and sacrifices are inevitable. Regardless, there will always be a next time. So, until next time…