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A whole lot of skating over the last month

Starting with some photos from King of the Snake. By far, the best skateboarding event I have ever been to… for so many different reasons. I didn’t take many photos, but here’s my evidence I was here…

Chip came along and killed it…DSC_0550_edit_resized DSC_0551_edit_resized

the crowd by the end of the snake run…DSC_0553_edit_resized Jack took many awesome photos. Check them out on his blog.DSC_0556_edit_resized DSC_0562_edit_resized DSC_0564_edit_resized

A few skate photos during the warm up time. I tried to get each of the women representing…DSC_0566_edit_resized DSC_0568_edit_resized DSC_0570_edit_resized DSC_0574_edit_resized DSC_0576_edit_resized DSC_0577_edit_resized DSC_0578_edit_resized

I wish I could post more photos, but it was way too cool to just watch and soak it all in. Plus everyone else posted so many photos (far better than I would have taken) that it’s easy to relive the awesomeness.

From a different day, at a different place, in Arvada….

DSC_0580_edit_resized DSC_0584_edit_resized DSC_0595_edit_resized DSC_0596_edit_resized



And another mellow session with Jack, this time at good ol’ Rock Creek. Here is Jack destroying…
DSC_0620_edit_resized DSC_0622_edit_resized DSC_0626_edit_resized DSC_0628_edit_resized DSC_0633_edit_resized DSC_0640_edit_resized DSC_0642_edit_resized DSC_0644_edit_resized DSC_0646_edit_resized DSC_0652_edit_resized DSC_0669_edit_resized DSC_0671_edit_resized Jack’s got the one foots… even into back disaster…DSC_0676_edit_resized DSC_0678_edit_resized DSC_0680_edit_resized DSC_0681_edit_resized DSC_0690_edit_resized DSC_0691_edit_resized DSC_0692_edit_resized


And yet another day… skating a spot in progress (sorry dudes, we didn’t realize)
DSC_0693_edit_resized DSC_0696_edit_resized DSC_0699_edit_resized DSC_0703_edit_resized DSC_0704_edit_resized DSC_0715_edit_resized DSC_0717_edit_resized DSC_0720_edit_resized DSC_0737_edit_resized DSC_0750_edit_resized DSC_0757_edit_resized DSC_0758_edit_resized DSC_0773_edit_resized DSC_0777_edit_resized DSC_0783_edit_resized DSC_0786_edit_resized DSC_0793_edit_resized



Now a few from a Crisis mission…
DSC_0804_edit_resized DSC_0807_edit_resized DSC_0809_edit_resized (Sorry Ryan, I swear I don’t usually blow the timing on photos thaaaaat often)DSC_0812_edit_resized DSC_0819_edit_resized DSC_0826_edit_resized DSC_0830_edit_resized


Okay, and one last session for this post…DSC_0831_edit_resized DSC_0837_edit_resized


As stupid as this next photo looks, it is my first front board ever. HA.
DSC_0855_edit_resized DSC_0858_edit_resized DSC_0861_edit_resized DSC_0870_edit_resized DSC_0879_edit_resized


And that’s that. Sorry to rush through all that… I’ve been slacking hard on taking photos and posting photos. Life’s been a bit busy lately.