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I LOVE Colorado.

I always wish my vacations were longer, but it’s great to be back in Colorado.
My flight back didn’t get in until 11pm on Sunday night, and I realized that morning that there was no way that I would be able to make the last bus to Boulder, which left the airport at 11:20pm. Luckily, the Kupperbergs (Jules and Amelia) are amazing. Jules pick me up from the airport, I spent the night with them in Denver, and then Amelia drove me to Boulder the next day. I effin love these girls.
First thing I did once I got in my car was to go straight to work. Fun! Leaving work, I couldn’t help but notice this sweet parking job:
The rest of the day, I spent at home with my kitty cats, who I hadn’t seen in two full weeks. On Tuesday I woke up and went snowboarding with Jules, Amelia, and Pete. We hit up Breckenridge, which was beautiful. The weather was perfect and the conditions were the best I’ve experience so far this season.
We made only one trip up the t-bar, but the view from the top was incredible. Here’s a shot from the crackberry, while we were traversing the top catwalk:

The photo really doesn’t do it justice at all. I wish I was brave enough to cart my Nikon around…
We called it an early day, but hit up the Beaujos in Idaho Springs. We got so much food, and since our waiter screwed up our pizza order, Jules and Amelia got another whole pizza to take home. As always, I completely abused the salad bar:

Seriously, it’s pretty hard to beat a day riding the Colorado Rockies in beautiful weather with the Kupps.
And to end on an even more positive note, here’s some bathroom graffiti from Breckenridge: