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Mountain Camping and Skating with Fort Collins dudes

I’ve been really craving a camping trip, and this past weekend was just what I was looking for. Jack and I met up on Friday afternoon and hit the road, to explore new places in Colorado that neither of us had been to before.

First stop was in Fairplay, where we headed straight to the skatepark. Well, first stopped by the bmx park right next to the skatepark…DSC_0880_edit_resized DSC_0883_edit_resized DSC_0889_edit_resized Jack_dirtpark_sequenceDSC_0901_edit_resized

Then to the skatepark…DSC_0913_edit_resized

Once the sun starting to dip below the mountains, we figured we should find the campsite before dark. Down a windy, bumpy red dirt road…DSC_0919_edit_resized DSC_0926_edit_resized

We were the first of the crew to arrive at the campsite by a long shot. There was a fire ban, so instead of taking photos of camp fire, we played around with taking photos in the dark. Jack took many more than me…DSC_0936_edit_resized DSC_0937_edit_resized The above photo is the supermoon. It was so bright it was casting shadows throughout the night. And also light trails in my photo.

The next morning we got to check out the beautiful aspen grove we camped next to…DSC_0945_edit_resized DSC_0952_edit_resized

And then it was back to Fairplay, this time with a crew…
DSC_0953_edit_resized DSC_0956_edit_resized


Before long, we moved to a backyard bowl/park in town. Super cool. I was hurting in general, (and a little intimidated by this crew), so mostly hung around and took photos…


here, taking a photo of Jack taking a photo…
DSC_0966_edit_resized of Nick/RumpDSC_0971_edit_resized TaylorDSC_0972_edit_resized DSC_0974_edit_resized

and Taylor taking a photo… I always find it cool to catch someone else’s flash…
DSC_0978_edit_resized JaesonDSC_0983_edit_resized KeithDSC_0984_edit_resized PeytonDSC_0986_edit_resized DSC_0989_edit_resized DSC_0992_edit_resized DSC_0995_edit_resized DSC_1004_edit_resized DSC_1006_edit_resized

DSC_0001_edit_resized MikeDSC_0004_edit_resized DSC_0008_edit_resized DSC_0012_edit_resized DSC_0014_edit_resized DSC_0016_edit_resized DSC_0035_edit_resizedDSC_0040_edit_resized DSC_0041_edit_resized DSC_0045_edit_resized DSC_0050_edit_resized DSC_0055_edit_resized PatDSC_0057_edit_resized DSC_0061_edit_resized DSC_0062_edit_resized DSC_0065_edit_resized DSC_0066_edit_resized the bowl reminded me of Mickey Mouse.DSC_0073_edit_resized DSC_0077_edit_resized so casualDSC_0079_edit_resized DSC_0080_edit_resized DSC_0081_edit_resized DSC_0084_edit_resized DSC_0085_edit_resized DSC_0086_edit_resized DSC_0095_edit_resized DSC_0098_edit_resizedDSC_0101_edit_resized DSC_0102_edit_resized

After the backyard session, we stopped by the South Park cutouts. My first time to South Park, Colorado, so why not?DSC_0105_edit_resized DSC_0106_edit_resized DSC_0108_edit_resized DSC_0109_edit_resized DSC_0111_edit_resized

Then we drove down to Buena Vista, which is pretty beautiful. The park was super fun also…
DSC_0114_edit_resized DSC_0117_edit_resized DSC_0118_edit_resized DSC_0121_edit_resized DSC_0126_edit_resized DSC_0129_edit_resized DSC_0142_edit_resized DSC_0153_edit_resized follow the leaderDSC_0157_edit_resized DSC_0166_edit_resized DSC_0169_edit_resized DSC_0172_edit_resized DSC_0179_edit_resized DSC_0181_edit_resized

After this session, we drove out to Gunnison. The sunset and supermoon were killing it…
DSC_0185_edit_resized DSC_0194_edit_resized DSC_0195_edit_resized DSC_0201_edit_resized DSC_0203_edit_resized DSC_0208_edit_resized

And then out to a spot called Hartman’s to find a spot to camp. It place is so cool… lots of awesome rock formations. We drove in right as the sun was setting and the light and colors were amazing. My photos don’t quite capture the magic…
DSC_0211_edit_resized DSC_0214_edit_resized DSC_0215_edit_resized DSC_0217_edit_resized DSC_0220_edit_resized DSC_0223_edit_resized DSC_0224_edit_resized DSC_0231_edit_resized DSC_0233_edit_resized DSC_0234_edit_resized DSC_0245_edit_resized DSC_0247_edit_resized DSC_0250_edit_resized DSC_0254_edit_resized

We spent the day at the Gunnision park, a new Team Pain park, where I never took my camera out of my bag. So much fun to skate. Around 4 or so, the smoke in the air, from a nearby wildfire, was getting slightly heavy. Jack and I drove north to hang out with my brother Seth and get some food before the long trek back to Boulder. I saw Crested Butte for the first (probably the most green part of Colorado I’ve seen), and definitely want to go back when I have a little more time to spare.

The drive home was crazy because the air was smokey the whole way until we were about 30 minutes from Boulder. The supermoon was hazy and red, instead of shining like a spotlight. I was so exhausted by the time we made it back to Boulder – sign of a good weekend.

Much thanks to the Fort Collins crew for letting us tag along, and thanks Jack for always being down for an adventure.

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