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Birthday stuff

I started the birthday stuff with a happy hour with some fellow environmental engineering ladies, which led into later hour bar drinks…DSC_0498_edit_resized LP was even in town!DSC_0500_edit_resized DSC_0501_edit_resized DSC_0502_edit_resized


Next up was a little BBQ at Fuzz and Leslie’s. There are more photos, but I guess they are all on my cell phone. Odessa made me an amazing cake, and Leslie and Emily brought me a pinata. And we had Power Hour. And honestly, it was all SO amazing…

Jason and Lindy with the best entrance ever…DSC_0506_edit_resized DSC_0507_edit_resized


On my actual birthday, I went to yoga and then had a super nice morning with Jenn. We went out to breakfast, hung out by her pool, and later got pedicures. After that, I met up with Jack, who got me a fisheye lens for my birthday… so exciting! And as you’ll see, I’m still working on learning to focus it properly (or at all)…DSC_0512_edit_resized DSC_0520_edit_resized DSC_0544_edit_resized DSC_0555_edit_resized DSC_0561_edit_resized


After our short session, we got some sushi at Sushi Zanmai and my fabulous birthday celebrations were complete.