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San Fran trip 2011 – Day 5 (part 2)

The highly anticipated eating contest. Trash talking had been going back and forth from day 1. Points could be scored by eating chili dogs and drinking beer… but only a max of one beer per chili dog. No standing up. First to bail and leave the table had to take a shot of hot tub water – and considering how much use this hot tub was getting over the last few days, the possibility of such a penalty was reason enough to not enter this contest. But the table was filled with competitors. I took sooo many photos, mostly cause Lee let me borrow his fish eye lens – a special treat. Unfortunately I failing hard. ha. I tried to shoot photos in manual mode, but the auto focus was only working when the camera was set on auto. Sadly enough it took me awhile to figure this out (not the case with my 2 lenses – I swear!)… but I did realize in the process that I can’t manually focus a fish eye lens even if my life depended on it. So I’m sorry for so many out of focus photos in this set…

That’s when my camera died. Glen finished in first place with 7 chili dogs and 6 beers. And he said he could’ve drank a 7th beer no problem if it had come to it. What a competitor. Congratulations Glen on your 2nd win and thanks to Lee for letting me play around with a different lens.

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