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Halloween Havoc 2011

Glen the skate dad

serious skate dad

Fuzz as a convict character from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure

(I admit I hadn’t watched this movie in years and only quickly scanned through it to see if I could pull off a character, so I didn’t catch the name of this character)

Fuzz and Fuzz

Crisis kiddies

tennis racket board

I think Brian’s character was named Francis? I actually remember him from the movie

Neil killed it as Pee-Wee. Seriously, remarkable performance.

Pee-Wee with a gun

Skate dad and son posing for a Dean pic

skate dad giving advice

Jack and D5

Keenan! (Keenan always hides when I try to take photos, so I guess I might as well post any photo I get of him!)


Josh as Ace Ventura

broken tennis racket board. booo.


Pee-Wee on his bike

Contest Sign-up

Mary Kate as a little girl

Pee-Wee’s got skate skills

back lip

bowl session from a distance

Lazer from behind, chasing Pee-Wee

Skate dad coaching

uh oh. looks like Jack blew it. hope he doesn’t get grounded.


Lazer. As another character from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure that I don’t remember. Oops

Yvette, Dean, Lester

Mary Kate. As her teddy bear gets mauled by this little dog.

Jason and Glen


Fuzz and John killed it during the pair-skate contest. In fact, then won!

Sean and Max had a good run for pairs also, here’s them trying to get this over-under…

And that’s when my memory card quit. Guess it’s time to clear off the over-4000 photos sitting on it. Rest of the day and night was good times.

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