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A day of Jason spots with the Nullers

On Sunday we all met up at Glen’s house with a loose plan in mind. The wind was blowing hard (in all meanings of the word), so we picked Valmont as our first spot of the day.

Jack, starting things off

the Null crew


Jason and Glen

Some attempts by Chad…

Jack, about to do some late shuvvvin…


Dean… and Lester

Max… in the unfocused background

Glen filming Neil waxing the curb and watching whatever action Glen wasn’t filming

Sean, casual style

Chad… in the unfocused background

Chad… with on lookers

We spent awhiiile at Valmont and then moved on to our second spot of the day, Sussex ledge.

Sean… with onlookers

Josh attempts…so close.

Glen… Josh and Sean in the background




After a much longer session than anticipated, we moved on to get some food. Then a super fun red curbs session to close down skating for the night. Afterwards these guys helped me move my couch… (thank you thank you thank you) and we had the first beer/popcorn/skate video session at the new apartment. Thank you all for ruling.