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Arvada Skateshop Appreciation and Foundation Spot


Saturday was the Square State Skate’s Skateshop Appreciation Day at Arvada Park. I got there about halfway through and mixed some skating with taking some photos. There were a series of best trick contest on different obstacles, and I only caught three of them in photos…DSC_0268_edit_resized DSC_0269_edit_resized DSC_0276_edit_resized DSC_0280_edit_resized DSC_0283_edit_resized DSC_0286_edit_resized


DSC_0289_edit_resized DSC_0315_edit_resized DSC_0316_edit_resized DSC_0321_edit_resized DSC_0323_edit_resized DSC_0330_edit_resized DSC_0332_edit_resized DSC_0333_edit_resized DSC_0341_edit_resized DSC_0344_edit_resized DSC_0349_edit_resized DSC_0358_edit_resized DSC_0359_edit_resized DSC_0360_edit_resized DSC_0365_edit_resized DSC_0371_edit_resized DSC_0377_edit_resized DSC_0378_edit_resized DSC_0379_edit_resized DSC_0381_edit_resized DSC_0382_edit_resized DSC_0383_edit_resized DSC_0390_edit_resized DSC_0402_edit_resized



After the stairs/rail challenge, there was the snake run challenge, and I wish I had some photos of that to show… always so awesome to watch people skate that thing. Can’t wait til next week’s King of the Snake Run. Fun times, though, and super big thanks to Brian and Neil at Square State Skate and everyone that’s involved with the core shops throughout Colorado.

We finally made some moves, and ended up at a foundation spot with huge DIY potential.

First a little shoot with Fuzz and Jack…
DSC_0409_edit_resized DSC_0410_edit_resized DSC_0411_edit_resized DSC_0413_edit_resized rad.

Someone pulled this gross looking couch out of a weird dumpster type enclosure, and dragged it over to the spot. I wanted to get some photos of people skating it since it looked so awesome and disgusting…DSC_0416_edit_resized DSC_0417_edit_resized DSC_0420_edit_resized

(While everyone else skates over the couch going down, Ro skates it going up)DSC_0422_edit_resized DSC_0423_edit_resized DSC_0429_edit_resized DSC_0430_edit_resized DSC_0431_edit_resized DSC_0432_edit_resized DSC_0436_edit_resized DSC_0441_edit_resized DSC_0442_edit_resized DSC_0443_edit_resized DSC_0445_edit_resized DSC_0450_edit_resized

gotta love Glen’s BGPs. Always can count on them. DSC_0452_edit_resized DSC_0453_edit_resized DSC_0454_edit_resized DSC_0461_edit_resized DSC_0462_edit_resized DSC_0464_edit_resized DSC_0468_edit_resized DSC_0472_edit_resized DSC_0476_edit_resized DSC_0477_edit_resized DSC_0478_edit_resized DSC_0483_edit_resizedyea Glen!

And that’s that. I struggled with hurricane on this ledge for probably an hour and a half because Fuzz said he’d give me his new Market coozie if I did it. In the end I’m not sure that I quite deserved the coozie (although there were two that were basically it), but as soon Blaine said he’d take it instead, I scooped up my prize. After this we said goodbye to about half the crew and then got some food at the Dark Horse. Yet another awesome skate day.